TOUCHING THE BUDDHA WITHIN - 7 Day Massage and Meditation Training

Our body contains Life, the divine or the Buddha nature…

Understanding this is to step out from a long deep sleep,

a sleep that made us live a robot life, not being aware of the green in the trees and the red in the flowers, and the sky that constantly reminds us about the never ending,

the limitless, beyond time and space, where all is joy.

When touch happens from a place beyond personality and the small identity, it functions as a subtle reminder for settling in the real home-the Buddha nature.

Touch happens through the hands, and also through a look, a word and silence.

Massage, meditation, recognizing the empty space in oneself and the other – the emptiness that is full of Life and Love - , chakra reading, understanding inner male and female energies, listening to the intuition and trusting it, are some of the topics in this training.

Previous experience in massage and meditation is recommended.

What others say about this course:

"I participated in this course in January 2014. Besides learning excellent massage skills, I also had an intense inner journey, gaining deeper relaxation and closer contact to myself and my own process. It felt like a very exotic retreat in comfortable surroundings. The meditations gave a great background and brought depth and sensitivity to everything we were doing."  Sudas 

“Participating in the Psychic Massage training with Sumito was a very beautiful experience for me. I re-discovered my love for massage and the body, but most of all I was touched and nourished by being in this sensitive and heartful space.“ Deeva