Online Session

A session last 1-1½ hours and is an open session.

All matters in your life can be used as a door to freedom.

The main purpose with this session is to support that which is already real and true; our nature and being.

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Touching the Buddha Within

A session last about 1½ hours and may include among others:

Energy readings, counseling and massage (not in couple session),

or it could be an open session.

All matters in your life are used as a door to freedom. Or you may be at a crossroads and want greater clarity and understanding.

The main purpose with this session is to support that which is already real and true; our nature and being. We are as children living in the being-quality, but without awareness about it. As we grow older, we are slowly taught how to cover this being with learned responses and ideas. We get identified with our thoughts, feelings, ideas, dreams, desires and bodies, and forgetting the one residing behind all this – we forget this mirror like quality that is joyous, loving and creative.

Through reading the qualities of the energy inside and around the body it can be a possibility to finding and encourage the way back to being.

Massage, healing touch, silence and words are used in this session as a support to the encouragement to just be what we already are.


Hypnoanalysis is very effective in “taking out the root of the problems” as it goes to the place inside where it is sowed, in the unconscious layers of our being.

With the help of going into a light trance-state, we can reach the different layers of the unconscious where all the information of our life/lives is stored.

You will be able to speak, and you will remember what is happening.

We also use a method of free association in Hypnoanalysis for helping the unconscious to surface.

All kind of problems can be healed by this simple and yet deep surgical method. Hypnoanalysis is also a brilliant path to deepening awareness and meditation. Each session is approximate 1 1⁄2 hours, and 5 – 8 sessions are needed.

Past Life Regression

With relaxation and hypnosis techniques we go back to a lifetime/s that may hold patterns that is keeping the energy unfree from its natural flow; maybe blockages, “hang-ups”, fears, phobias, physical problems/symptoms that cannot be accessed through regression in this life, but can be traced and healed by past life regression.

Fear of death may change as you experience that the different lives are like different pieces of clothing taken on and off.

There are treasures hidden in the subconscious that can be linked to past lives, and can be brought to the conscious by Past Life Regression.

The session lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 hours.