Meditation Retreat

The meditation retreat is an invitation to explore the inner realms of oneself in an accepting and loving atmosphere.

The inner exploration is happening with the help of active and more silent techniques that Osho has created or made alive again, so that we can have a taste of, and live more and more in the quality of meditation - pure being.

Looking inside can in the beginning be uncomfortable, but the more one becomes acquainted with the inner journey, the more bliss, joy and peace can be found in the now and here. Total acceptance, relaxation, and alertness are some of the master keys.

The retreat will be in silence to allow the outgoing energy to fall inside, so that our own being receives nourishment.

Osho Neo Vipassana

10 & 21 days in silence in Himalaya, north India

This is an intense and deep going process.

Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation, and Evening Satsang with Osho video, is part of the structure.

A beautiful technique to grow in awareness, and a simple process of watching our natural breathing coming in and going out.

Watching the breathing allows the watcher to become strong enough to watch everything: the body, thoughts and feelings.

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